planet on a black background orbiting a star

Talks & Interviews

Are They Already Here? Fermi Paradox Solutions w/ Jacob Haqq-Misra and Thomas Fauchez

November, 2022

Earth, Exoplanets, and Everything in Between

June, 2022

Ask An Astrobiologist: Next Generation Space Telescopes & Technosignatures with Dr. Ravi Kopparapu

January, 2021

Solving the Puzzles of Planet Formation in the Modern Era of Planet Hunting

May, 2019

Discovering the Story of Life in the Universe | Dr. Giada Arney | TEDxIndianaUniversity

January, 2019

Ask An Astrobiologist: Computer Modeling and Searching for Biosignatures with Shawn Domagal-Goldman

January, 2019

Ask An Astrobiologist: LUVOIR and the Detection of Life with Dr. Aki Roberge

January, 2018

Stardom Interview: Dr. Geronimo Villanueva, Astrobiologist, NASA Goddard

January, 2018