planet on a black background orbiting a star

SEEC Symposium: Pathways to Characterizing Non-Transiting Planets

April 15 – 19, 2024
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt Maryland, USA

Hosted by GSFC Sellers' Exoplanet Environments Collaboration and University of Maryland College Park Department of Astronomy

Recent exoplanet surveys from the ground have discovered myriad nearby systems that are non-transiting. Currently, the number of known non-transiting systems dominate by a factor of two compared to transiting ones within 20 pc, and by a factor of 9x within 10 pc. It is expected that the number of detected non-transiting planets will continue to grow in the coming years with more high-precision radial velocity surveys, next-generation direct imaging capabilities, Gaia astrometry, and the launch of flagship space missions like the Roman Space Telescope. This interdisciplinary symposium will focus on exploring pathways to characterize non-transiting planets - in particular, the regions of planetary parameter space that are not well represented in transiting planet characterization studies. The goal will be to engage communities working with ground- and space-based observational methods as well as contextualizing theoretical models to prepare for the characterization of these planets in the next decade.

Focus Topics:

  • Observations of Nearby Non-Transiting Planets: Phase Curves, Radial Velocity, Astrometry, Direct Imaging
  • Demographics of Non-Transiting Planet Population: Microlensing, Radial Velocity, Astrometry
  • Characterization: Planetary Parameters, Atmospheres, and System Architectures Using Space-based
    and Ground-based Approaches
  • Theory and Modeling of Non-Transiting Planets
  • Science Priorities, Technology Gaps, Instruments and Missions

Chairs: Ravi Kopparapu (NASA GSFC), Elisa Quintana (NASA GSFC), Tad Komacek (U. Maryland)

SOC: Rob Zellem (NASA-JPL), Matthew Penny (LSU), Jessie Christiansen (IPAC), Leslie Rogers (UChicago), Sukrit Ranjan (Arizona), Daniel Angerhausen (ETH Zurich, LIFE)

Planets moving around a centrally located star